Being Mum: Jasmine Kriletich

April 29, 2020 4 min read

Being Mum: Jasmine Kriletich

Introducing Being Mum, the first in a new series capturing the beautiful yet challenging journey that is Motherhood.  

There’s a lot to admire about Jasmine, young Mum of two, and a passionate advocate for Down Syndrome and raising awareness around changing the face of beauty. We chat about the joys and complexities of young motherhood, having gratitude and a positive mindset above all else, and raising Noah and Poppy with the same values.

Tell us what it’s like being Mum to your two beautiful babies, Noah (3) and Poppy (6 months)?

It’s very tough, but I do have a lot of support around me which does help a lot! I don’t know what sleep is anymore, although Poppy is such an awesome sleeper, I’m normally awake with my eldest, Noah (he’s a mummy’s boy).

How has your journey been with Poppy and finding out she has Down Syndrome? 

Well, I was induced for “abnormal Doppler” which is the blood flow through the placenta to Poppy. I had scans every week from 36 weeks and by the end of my pregnancy, the Doppler wasn’t abnormal anymore!

2 hours after she was born, my midwife and a paediatric doctor came in to assess her, they said she has characteristics that show she could have Down Syndrome. My heart sank, I didn’t even notice. They said she had the low tone and facial features of T21. She was then wheeled to the NICU where they took blood samples for proper analysis and for a diagnosis. It was a 2-day wait - the longest 2 days of my life. I knew everyone who came into my little hospital room felt so bad for me, I could see it on their faces.

Fast forward 2 days, I desperately wanted to go to my local birthing unit, so they came in and told me she had a positive result for Trisomy 21. I honestly didn’t know what life would be like from then onwards, and that scared the heck out of me. She then straight away had an X-ray on her heart and an ECG, which were then reviewed by a paediatric doctor and looked fine (thank goodness)!

I then went to the birthing unit where we had nuchal testing done and surprisingly Noah's tests were higher than Poppys... she was a 1 in 5300 chance of having T21.  

How has Noah taken to being a big brother to Poppy?

He smothers her [with love]!! Sometimes she pushes him off, but he loves her so much, and he’s going to teach her so much! He does get a little bit jealous 😭


Being a young Mum can have its own challenges, now that you have two young kids of your own, how have you found it?   

Pregnancy had a huge impact on my body, it was tough and I was only 17 & 20. I had absolutely no immune system and had so many sicknesses it was no joke. Although I feel like if I were older it would have put even more strain on my body!.

Being a young mum is the best, I have over half my life with them, which I think is super special. There is a lot of negativity around young mums, but we are no less than mums who are 30 or 40!  

Do you have any advice for other young mums?

I just think that you shouldn’t let anyone else put you down because of your age. Whether you are 15 or 45 you are still a good mum. Age doesn’t define the kind of mother you are and will be! 

Both your body and mind go through such incredible changes during pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery. How has that journey been for you?

It’s been tough. Just before Poppy, I was thinking about doing a bikini competition [fitness/body building]. I love to take care of myself in that kind of way, I think it’s super important.

Pregnancy took a huge toll on my immune system! But 8 weeks after Poppy I went back to the gym and started doing what I love. And I’ve been almost every day [before lockdown]!   

How would you describe your style of parenting?

I just try to do the same as how I was raised, I want to see my babies succeed! I normally just try to go with the flow. I hate being the yelling parent but some days I am 😭

You have such a positive mindset, what values do you hope to instil in your children?

I hope to teach Noey and Poppy to be grateful for everything they have! And to be kind and caring. 

#theluckyfew and #changingthefaceofbeauty – are two hashtags that you use frequently on Instagram, can you tell us a little more about them and how you hope to increase awareness around Down Syndrome and Trisomy21

 “Changing the face of beauty” is my favourite hashtag ever! I want to use my platform to raise awareness for those with Down Syndrome. There is only outdated, negative information around and I want to break that! There is so much positivity Poppy has brought into our lives.

What is one of the greatest things you have learned about yourself since becoming a Mum?

Gratitude 100%! It is the best thing you can have! I was also the worst at being patient (still working on it), and in having the kids I’ve learnt so much about myself. I underestimated myself (especially with Poppy)!

I love the quote “grow through what you go through”! 

To keep up with Jasmine, Noah & Poppy, you can follow her here - @jasminekriletich

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